Best AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (2023)

Best AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (1)

If you have a flashlight, walkie talkie, medical device or a camera, chances are it is powered by a AAA battery. These AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries. They account for a large share of battery sales in the United States. We would not be surprised to hear if every single household in the United States has at least 3 or 4 AAA batteries in their home.

Now everyone knows about the general purpose of AAA batteries. The purpose is to power portable devices using electrical power. The best AAA battery out there will power any device for hours on end. The top name brands of AAA batteries are long lasting. Allowing you to avoid any stress that comes with a dead battery for a long time.

With the best AAA batteries out there, there are still a few tips and trips out there that you can follow to get the best bang for your buck. There are plenty of different AAA batteries for sale that come with a wide variety of specific uses. They can power any type of device that requires any type of specific power consumption. Knowing what you need from AAA batteries is how you get the best deal on AAA batteries. We plan on giving you all the information within these AAA battery review to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Basic things you should know before looking for the best AAA battery

While AAA batteries, like all other consumer grade batteries are not complicated, there are a few things that you should follow when looking for new ones. These tips and tricks do not require any advanced knowledge of batteries prior to looking for the information.

How long do AAA batteries last?

This is a common question from all battery buyers. Which AAA batteries last the longest? Unfortunately, it really comes down to what you need the AAA batteries for. Do you plan on using them in a walkie talkie? Or a remote control? For both you can expect a long life. A remote control for your TV uses very little power and is only drawing excess power when you’re changing channels. You can expect a long life out of your AAA batteries. The same goes for walkie talkies. They will only be powered on when you need them. This is probably going to be very rarely as most people don’t need walkie talkies in their day to day life.

Now maybe you are a photographer and you need your AAA batteries for your camera. Not only will they last not as long, but we recommend rechargeable AAA batteries as well. A photographer will always have their camera on in case that incredible photographic moment presents itself. Your camera will always be drawing power, and this drains the AAA batteries rather quickly. The best rechargeable AAA batteries are always going to be more beneficial to people who use their batteries a lot.

Best AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (2)

Alkaline AAAs vs Lithium AAAs – Which should you choose?

Alkaline vs Lithium AAA batteries is always a question poised from people who know a thing or two about batteries. For most people, it is not a big deal.

What is boils down to, is that alkaline batteries are physically lighter and are always cheaper than lithium. Lithium AAA batteries are perfect for devices that need to be powered all the time. They are heavier and more expensive than Alkaline, but you will get your money from them in the long run.

If you’re looking at the best AAA alkaline batteries, then you will want to make sure you are okay with disposing of them sooner than lithium batteries. If you are not a fan of replacing batteries, then we strongly recommend that you buy lithium. This also applies to batteries replacements that are in hard to reach places.

Is buying AAA batteries in bulk how you get the cheapest AAA batteries?

When it comes to AAA batteries cost, there are plenty of different factors that go into determining the cost. One thing that never fails to cut costs across the individual AAA batteries is buying them in bulk. Instead of buying AAA batteries in packs of 2 or 4, we strongly recommend you buy in packs of 50 or 100. You will see savings of up to 50% per AAA battery.

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Not only that, but you will always have AAA batteries on hand as well. This is a must for any highly busy household. Nothing worse than when one of your children needs an AAA battery and they are no where to be found. Having extras on hand is always advantageous. You will not have to worry about running to the store any time soon and picking up some more.

With the incredible innovations in AAA battery production over the last 20 years or so, so many AAA batteries now come with long shelf lives. You can take your 50 or 100 AAA batteries, stick on the shelf, and they will stay fresh for up to 10 years. Therefore, we always recommend name brand AAA, as they are all covered under warranty. Large quantities of AAA batteries + long shelf life + brand warranty = the best value AAA batteries that money can buy.

Energizer AAA Max Alkaline E92 Batteries [Best AAA Battery]Best AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (3)

Energizer is one of the most well-known battery producers in the entire world. Their AAA batteries are the best in the world. These specific alkaline AAA batteries come with a 10-year shelf life. Buying these in bulk is a no brainer as you will save plenty of money in the long run.

If you are concerned with their environmental footprint, you’ll happy to hear these are mercury free. They also will not come with any toxic or heavy metals. Safe for use around children. Since these come without mercury and are sealed using Energizers Power Seal Technology, battery leaks are a low chance.

The reviews on Amazon for these AAA batteries are extremely well rated. Which is to be expected from Energizer AAA batteries. For those of you wondering, “what is the best AAA battery,” then this is the choice.

Panasonic BK-4MCA24/CA Eneloop AAA Rechargeable Batteries [Best Rechargeable AAA Batteries]Best AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (4)

Eneloop AAA batteries are some of the most sought-after AAA batteries for sale. They are made by Panasonic which is one of the most trusted brands in the battery production industry. These Eneloop AAA batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times. For most people you will have these for at least 10 years – or until you lose them.

They come pre-charged in NiMH format. The pre-charge is done with solar power, for those of you with concern for the environment. With up wo 2000 mAh these will surely power any device you have that needs AAA batteries. Panasonic is known for their supreme chargers and these are no different. The Eneloop AAA charger is the best AAA battery charger available on the market.

Thankfully, Eneloop AAA batteries can be recharged fully, partially or from when they’re completely dead. This is advantageous for anyone who is in a rush to get out the door. There are no memory effects either, allowing to not damage your AAA batteries. From fully dead to full charge takes approximately 90 mintes.

These AAA batteries from Panasonic can work in temperatures as low as -4F. We strongly recommend them as they are the best AAA rechargeable battery.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

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Duracell Procell AAA BatteriesBest AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (5)

Duracell is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to AAA batteries. Rightfully so, as these AAA batteries are used for important devices in many hospitals across the United States.

Coming with a 10-year shelf life means you will want to buy these in bulk. Guaranteed freshness covered by a solid warranty means you will get your money worth from these AAA batteries. Even better, they contain no mercury. Meaning once they die, you simply chuck them into the trash and move onto the next pair.

These AAA batteries from Duracell are operational in -4F, all the way up to 129F. They will work soundly in the host desert summers if that is where you live.

For anyone who is looking for easy storage, bulk packs of Procell AAA batteries come in nice, square boxes. Making for easy storage upon arrival. We strongly recommend these, they are some of the best AAA batteries on the market.

AmazonBasics AAA High-Capacity Rechargeable BatteriesBest AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (6)

These NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries from AmazonBasics are known to be some of the most reliable AAA batteries on the market. AmazonBasics is an extremely reliable brand to use as it is Amazon’s own personal brand.

These rechargeable AAA batteries come with a charger as well. We strongly recommend buying them with the charger to avoid any potential hassle. They maintain 65% of their stored charged after sitting on a shelf for 3 years.

The reviews on Amazon for these AAA batteries are extremely good. Millions of Americans now rely on the AmazonBasics brand and there is no doubt that the AAA batteries are just as good.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

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ACDelco AAA Alkaline BatteriesBest AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (7)

ACDelco is one of the top battery producers in America. They have been serving the American people with top quality products for well over 100 years. Since these AAA batteries come with no mercury or cadmium, they are environmentally safe. You can simply chuck these alkaline batteries in the trash once you are done.

Since AAA batteries are such a necessity, we strongly recommend buying ACDelco AAA batteries in bulk. They come in packs of 50 or 100. These AAA batteries can be used in any type of device. RC cars, keyboards, console controllers, watches and cameras. There is not a single device that these will not work with.

Being some of the cheapest AAA batteries one the market means you will also be saving good money. ACDelco markets themselves based on quality, rather than brand name.

With their 10-year shelf life, we strongly recommend these AAA batteries.

The features that all the best AAA batteries should have

There are a few common features across the battery industry that you should expect from all batteries. This includes AAA batteries. Any company that does not strive to get these quality control factors placed on their AAA batteries are not companies that you should be buying from.

Below are the features that the best AAA battery will have.

Leak protectionBest AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (8)

This is probably the most important one on the list. Leak protection essentially means that when you install a new AAA battery in your device, the next time you open it up there won’t be battery acid everywhere. This was a problem in the early days of batteries, but not so much these days.

Keep in mind that any battery company that you get leaky batteries from should not be rewarded with your business. Battery acid is a health hazard to anyone who is near it. Battery acid will also cause damage to the components that it encounters. This can result in you have to replace the entire device.

Proper temperature range for your uses

Are you planning on going on a vacation to a cold place during Winter? Or maybe you’re going back to your parents’ house for the holidays. Either way, you will want to make sure the AAA batteries you are looking at are properly fitted to operate in those temperatures. The last thing you want is to have your AAA batteries fail at the wrong moment. Keep in mind that battery leakage is a possibility in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures.

The best AAA batteries will provide you operational ability in temperatures between -40C and +40C. For most people this is fine regarding the ability in the cold. But for those of you living in the desert, be weary of your AAA batteries failing in the hot desert heat.

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If you’re wondering what the proper operating temperatures are for your chosen AAA batteries, this information is included on all AAA battery product pages.

Keep a close eye on the weight

Lightweight AAA batteries have their uses. If you’re just putting the AAA battery in a clock, then it doesn’t really matter. If you are putting your AAA battery in a camera that you will be carrying around all day then the weight could matter. Hiking can be tiring. And hiking with a camera can be even more tiring. Keeping your AAA battery weights light will allow less effort hauling around your camera.

Do you really need to spend the extra money on rechargeable AAA batteries?

There is always that wonder out there on whether you should spend the extra money on rechargeable AAA batteries. And believe it or not, you probably do not need the best AAA rechargeable battery.

Why? Well, quite simply, most devices powered by batteries are a low power, not used very often device. Rechargeable batteries are extra money, and if you only need the device for a limited amount of time then it is not worth it.

For someone who is running around with a camera all day, then rechargeable batteries are worth it. These AAA batteries for sale will be worth their weight in gold. You will not have to recharge them constantly. You will not have to worry about stopping in some gas station or other store looking for AAA batteries, either. Just simply recharge them. Buying from a reputable brand like Duracell rechargeable AAA batteries is a great way to save money.

Not everyone will have full use for rechargeable AAA batteries. If you are one of the people, then we recommend that you buy disposables.

Wrapping up our guide to buying the best AAA batteryBest AAA Battery in Review - Updated June 1, 2023 (9)

With so many different AAA batteries for sale, it can be confusing to look through all of them. Competition is so fierce between battery manufacturers that you will probably not go wrong in whatever AAA batteries you are looking at.

Shopping on Amazon will often result in you getting the best price for AAA batteries. They are constantly running sales because of high demand. If you are not ready to buy AAA batteries at a certain price, then just wait a couple days or even a week. Guaranteed, they go down in price and you will save a few bucks.

There are always safety hazards in everything we do. This means that you should only install AAA batteries in a device with dry hands. Working in a dry, well lit environment is also key as well. There is no need to subject yourself to any additional dangers. Especially not over AAA batteries.

With that, make sure you properly look over what the device you need new AAA batteries for needs. Generally, you just have to look at the dead battery inside of the device to get an idea of what you need.

We hope this guide has helped you find the best AAA battery on the market. Here’s to powering your devices with clean electricity!


Are all AAA batteries the same quality? ›

AAA batteries differ greatly in chemistry and hence they differ in capacity, voltage, current/voltage discharging characteristics, and many other features, which may be of great importance when powering sensitive electronic equipment.

Does Duracell or Energizer AAA batteries last longer? ›

Duracell uses Duralock Power Preserve Technology, whereas Energizer operates PowerSeal. In terms of power longevity, Duracell seems to have that advantage. Energizer has a longer storage lifespan and wins the price battle, which may be the deciding factor for most people.

What AAA batteries are best for blood pressure monitors? ›

Procell Alkaline Intense Power AAA industrial batteries are specifically designed to last longer (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AAA batteries) in high drain professional devices that require a high amount of power or peaks of power, such as blood Pressure monitors, soap dispensers or flashlights.


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